One began as a surface to paint out my brushes and palette at the end of each studio day.  The more I painted out my brushes, the more human shapes appeared.  One day I noticed that some of the shapes made a single large head and then I realised that this canvas wanted to speak.  As it did, I realised that no matter what colour, shape or size we are, somehow, we are all one.  The more I looked at the images, I realised that there were some wonderful moments where groups of individuals made their own meaningful conversations.  From there, the detailed images emerged: a group on the foothill of something more; a burble of conversation; the Victorian looking group in Loom, reminding me of those outside Victorian mills; remembered words in Membrance; and more.  Each smaller image rightly captures a moment in the whole banter and burble of argument and memories of the whole of who we humans are.